The situations below are signs of hearing loss. How many sound like you?

Does the TV sound too quiet or muffled
(like this), so you often turn it up to hear what is being said?

Some people with hearing loss say they hate being known as the “what guy” or “what gal.” Do you often ask people to repeat what they said?

Is it hard to understand a conversation
(like this) when there is background noise or other people are talking at the same time?

Do you dread phone conversations because you have a hard time hearing? (And it’s not just the reception!)

Do you often misunderstand what is being said?

Do you have trouble hearing women and children (higher voices), in particular?

Do you feel stressed or tired after having to talk or listen for a long time? (Even if there’s no nagging involved!)

Is it hard to hear or understand what people say when you do not have eye contact with them?

It is often hard to know where a sound is coming from?

Do your family or friends ever suggest you have a hearing problem?