Hearing Loss
Risks Quiz

Have you heard what can increase your risk for hearing loss?

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Most people with hearing loss are...

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Hearing loss among adolescents appears to be…

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What are some risk factors for hearing loss that people cannot change?

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What is the most common and preventable contributor to hearing loss?

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Which type of noise is damaging to your hearing?

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At what decibel level does noise become damaging to hearing through cumulative repeated exposure?

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Did you know your job could be hard on your hearing? Which of the following occupations tend to experience more hearing loss?

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Which overall health issues can contribute to hearing loss?

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How can untreated hearing loss hurt your well-being?

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What steps should you take to protect your hearing health?

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Interested in discussing your hearing health risks with your audiologist? Download this guide to help you get the conversation started.

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